Wednesday, 4 April 2007


Setting up UK distribution for the monsterpiece will be quite a complex task, involving registering with Nielsens Book Data, checking out the wholesaling options with Gardners, setting up accounts and effectively becoming my own marketing & PR service. "Every man his own football, " said one of the old Dadaist poets - Tristan Tzara, I think - and this is particularly true in the digital era, when you have to keep kicking your own ass in order to move forward in a series of tiny jerks.

Canadian & US sales so far have been modest - not surprising, seeing that we haven't had any reviews yet, and at this point the book is only available via the Libros Libertad website or Amazon, and PR has only been via press releases or postings on bulletin boards. However, Canadian bookshop distribution is apparently in the pipeline.

Once UK distribution is set up, we can launch. I have some stratagems. The Qliphoth is imminent - and, of course, immanent. Which is the premise of the book. It's a black book.