Friday, 20 July 2007

The QLIPHOTH arrives in the UK, almost...

The Qliphoth is now available in the UK. You can actually go into Waterstones and order it. The Hereford branch has been persuaded to stock a copy on the shelves and hopefully other local branches will follow suit after I have paid them a visit. Treadwells , London's wonderful esoteric bookshop, will also be stocking it. Review copies have gone out to the broadsheets and a couple of sf/fantasy magazines e.g Interzone. We also have more web listings or mentions e.g Sci Fan, The Blues Band, Curtain Rising and apparently forthcoming mentions in The Bookseller and on the Canadian High Commission site in their cultural newsletter. There's a nice blog review, too from the mysterious Cicerone. We're also listed on US and UK Amazon, although the UK site still has to list the correct RRP of £10.99 - currently they're listing the bizarre price of £31 set by some specialist import service.

The Qliphoth arrives in the same week as the terminal tome featuring Harry Potter. As my book features a young disaffected man going on a strange journey and learning arcane secrets in a curious academy, people may presume I've tried to exploit the Potter phenomenon. However, documentary evidence will show that I finished the first huge draft as long ago as 1990, long before Ms Rowling produced her first work. Perhaps she tapped my brain-waves - although I think not. This is an archetypal narrative structure.

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