Sunday, 23 August 2009

Interviewed by Arlene on Winterspells -the thoughts that got away...

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Seattle writer & occultist Arlene De Winter, who generously gave me audio blog-space to discuss the genesis of the play Babalon and the various occult/paranormal themes that keep surfacing in my work. Arlene is a good listener (as well as a wise woman ) so I spoke freely for over an hour about the mysteries of the Babalon Working, conspiracy theories about the death of Jack Parsons, the influence of Thelema and so on - with the odd digression into the magickal pataphysics of my novel The Qliphoth

The red wine was flowing and the thoughts were flying or at least flipping. The sub-text of the uttering might have been something like this:

We live, in quantal blips, amid the multiverses, constantly generating alt.models of ourselves, and perhaps merging/mutating with entities whose activities are leaked into this reality-level via dreamfeed, vision-mixing and the various rites and writs for exploring the luminous wound of expanding consciousness.

To cope with all this, not to mention the mess of materiality, that mutha of means, Uncle Aleister said you and I need " the method of science, the aim of religion".

But the polyverse is perverse and elusive ( polymorphous as love) , incessantly bifurcating into duality, as expressed in the split-screen experiment.

The source of all being, the ontological ground-zero, is random flux-ups, a magickal manifestation...

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Arlene deWinter said...

Very cool Paul!
This looks realy good.
I shall put a link to your blog on my Babalon Diary posts if you like. I need to write another entry from the real story again. Its been a while.