Wednesday, 19 August 2009

To Evoke Pharaoh Sanders

Thothman calls the Pharoah
(aetheric timewarping in memoriam)

So the Pharoah screams forward through time
howling and hauling my ass backwards
New York August '68 242 East Third Street Alphabet City
where the scribe was inscribed in his depths
after the yellow cab over potholes, garbage bin, grilled door,
goggling on the blink in the blackness of Slug's Saloon
beaking a pale nose through fuming blackness

big Afro-Sheen dashiki brothers guarding the bar
check out my white threads, my queasy minder
(attorney bro-in-mob-law from Tudor City)
who expected Dixie jazz in hats
not the bullroarer tenor raising funk demons
blazing pyramid of percussion avalanche piano
a long yodel mastering the universe

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