Thursday, 17 September 2009

A Work in Progress

I've been re-reading Peter Carroll's Liber Kaos and some of his related writings on Chaos Magick. Paradoxically some aspects of the Work now fall into place. His analysis of cyclical cultural interplay between Transcendalists, Materialists and Magicians parallels the cultural conflicts that have emerged in the rough draft. These could be given locales, contested territories. And three key characters would seem to embody these paradigms, or would be arguing about them internally. And actions rise out of the void of causality as they look for the lost plot. The "Shadow time" of probability and its relation to ordinary " pseudo time" is another useful concept. Not for nothing was old Master Therion called "The King of the Shadow Realms..." The same para-physics of "Probability waves" surface in the Radial City stories - see:

Odd how one gropes towards the same thing from different directions.

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