Friday, 28 May 2010

The Quantum Brothers at the Hay Poetry Jam

We can now confirm  that the   Quantum Brother(s)  will be participating in the Hay Poetry Jamboree.

At 12.00  on Saturday June 5th in the Salem Chapel, Hay-on-Wye, Powys, UK,  Brother Paul will be making one of his rare re-appearances in the living flesh to  present a screening  of THE SLOW LEARNING  and our most recent project  A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO RADIAL CITY.

The entire programme runs for approximately fifty minutes and will be repeated later in the afternoon.

The Slow Learning: a video poem for TV, exploring  “the terminal zones of the urban education industry” and “the slow motion of knowledge that’s just about to go fast forward into overwind…”  Presented in various modes  (performance/installation/screening) at the ICA, South Bank Centre & National Review of Live Art.  Texts or audio relating to the work have been published in Poetics Journal, Toxic PoetryCulture Court. First Offence & Negative Entropy. 

Radial City: an urban intermedia  travelogue, encompassing  video  & narrative. It  relates to  the activities of the Bureau, as well as  prose fiction like “Radial Citizens”, recounting the fate of  a Radial City poet, in BRAND magazine , "Shadowing the City" at The Recusant and "Escape from Radial City" forthcoming  at NthPosition.

The Quantum Brothers: a sporadic collaboration  between Paul A. Green (text, voice & audio) and Jeremy Welsh (video, graphics & audio)

"Now yer see 'em, now yer don't..."

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