Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Qliphoth on Kindle

The Qliphoth  is now available  for Kindle e-read and Kindle apps    on this page at the Amazon UK site  and  here at the US Amazon site.  To quote the blurb: 

"Paul A Green's cult novel, first published by Libros Libertad in 2007, is now available on Kindle. It's a dazzling fusion of occult fantasy and speculative fiction that evokes a wild transmutation of everyday life. Magick collides with physics to create a fissile reality - a voyage into dangerous zones that veers between hilarity and horror...

Lucas, a bewildered student, seeks out his dad Nick, psychedelic-era wreck and self-proclaimed channel for "Qabalistic knowledge", now confined to a mental hospital alongside Wolfbane, a forgotten rock & roll icon. Pauline, his rationalist teacher mother dreads their encounter. 

Her nightmares seem realised when Nick escapes and Lucas disappears - to enter a parallel world, peopled by a rogues' gallery of bohemian riff-raff and sexy priestesses, whose operations - artistic, erotic, criminal or magickal - are scribed with hallucinatory intensity. Think Mervyn Peake meets William Burroughs - and add a dash of Aleister Crowley...

This genre-bender is worm-holed with dark wit and satire. The manias of an imploding alternate world are revealed as a modulation of our obsessions, here at the base of The Qabalistic Tree, amid the broken shells and wreckage - the Qliphoth - of our Creation. And sea-side resorts will never seem the same again..."

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