Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Web as Akashic Record?

Odd how technology acts out the  dreams of magic  in weird parodic form.  A recurrent theme in estoteric  tradition is the notion of the Akashic Record,  in which all human thought and activity is imprinted  on the fluid matrix of the astral plane, to be accessed by the seer or prophet.  Now, of course, as long as the infrastructure of the web  survives so do all the intimacies of our  tweets, blogs, downloads, mailings and postings.

So the cyberhistorian  of future generations could - on some obscure impulse - rummage through the code  and learn that since my last post I've been  reading Robert Sheppard's When Bad Times made Good Poetry,   the (recently)  late Kenneth Grant's Cults of the Shadow,   and listening to Ornette Coleman, Ruth Brown, The Clovers and John Coltrane.  The BBC turned down the Graham Bond play  but I've been working on  a film treatment for Blackdog Productions, an independent  production company  in Lancashire.  The digital edition of The Qliphoth  for Kindle is progressing, with the aim of publication in mid-February.

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